Assistance and Collaboration

Research Assistance

Hiring a full time spatial analyst is an expensive commitment. We can provide input on a project by project basis. You may have a very clear idea of what spatial analyses you wish to include in your research project, it may also be that you are looking to explore the power of location intelligence.

Analysis : discover spatial trends and correlations within your data sets.

Extrapolation :  Consider the implications for your data for policy by extrapolating them to the landscape, regional and even global scales, through statistical inference, simulation or process modelling. Add other contextual data such as census statistics or satellite imagery.

Interpretation : Guard against the misinterpretations which can easily arise when the spatial context of results is not fully explored.

Presentation : Present results on intuitive maps that show trends over space and animate them over time, or provide interactive elements for clarity and exploration.

When undertaking spatial analysis it is essential to understand the aims, practices and specialist terminology of those whom one is working. We are experienced in working with interdisciplinary research teams and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Research Collaboration

As researchers ourselves we are always happy to discuss potential collaborations. Working with other disciplines often produces challenges to our own. If we believe your project may have potential for joint publications or demand methodological innovation publishable in our own fields then we will be happy to consider more open ended collaborations and contribute to funding bids.

To give a flavour of the sort of areas we have worked in the past :

Spatial Sampling Optimisation, Public Opinion Monitoring, Visual Landscape Analysis, Crowd Sourcing from Social Media, Agricultural Landscape Sustainability,

Please take a look at our publications also.