Dr. Neil Sang

Neil holds a BA Joint Honours in Geography and Economic and Social History, an MSc in Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing and a PhD in Computer Science.

Neil worked for the James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland (2001-2011) providing spatial analysis and modelling to a range of interdisciplinary research and consultancy projects. He now works as a researcher for the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU) where he also teaches on the  Masters level course “Advanced Digital Landscape Analysis”. Recent research projects include the Delta-Environment Landscape planning: an Urban GeoDesign Example (DELUGEdeploying geodesign to help a Swedish municipality to explore future planning scenarios under climate change, and The Ecosystem Service City (MISTRA Urban Futures) exploring the potential of data mining Twitter for understanding the role of Urban Green Space.

Past projects have included software development in VBA, VB.Net, Delphi, HTML and Python in relation to ArcGIS ArcObjects, R, MS Excel and MS Access. This could be to develop new analytical functionality, statistical optimisation routines, online survey development or a simple end user GUI to a spatial database. Research projects have included work for the Scottish Executive, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, EU Life Environment, EU eContent Plus, EU Interreg, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Norwegian Forrest and Landscape Institute, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Projects have included reviews on scenario modelling methods and visibility modelling, simulation of visual perception, statistical sampling optimisation of soil data, public opinion monitoring, storm strength and flood prediction, wind speed modelling and statistical modelling of agricultural land abandonment. In addition to these applied areas Neil has also published on more theoretical problems in relation to spatial data structures, spatial statistics, computational geometry and spatio-temporal models.

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Dr. Åsa Ode (MSc, PhD, Docent)

Åsa is a Landscape Architect, Researcher and Vice head of the Department of Landscape Architecture Planning and Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. In addition to strong GIS skills Åsa also brings a deep knowledge of Landscape Architecture, Environmental Impact Assessment (in UK), landscape visualization (Visual Nature Studio) and perceptual modelling. She has published more than 40 reports and papers for clients including Scottish National Heritage, the Scottish Executive and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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