Analytics and Software Development

Scientific Analysis

Geographic information is increasingly recognised as an important part of everyday life, from mobile social ‘apps’ helping individuals connect, to logistics helping businesses connect.

Social and environmental issues are often intertwined and relevant trends in census data can be mapped against health or  environmental datasets in order to infer relationships or  predict future conditions. Our experience and training can help you formulate your question in a way which harnesses location intelligence.

Software Development

“Let computers do what computers are good at so people can get on with doing what people are good at” (Prof. Stan Openshaw, University of Leeds)

Simplification Standard Geographical Information System software may help with calculations or to produce accurate maps. However they are expensive and provide far more functionality than most individuals or organisations use. They also entail a steep learning curve and a commitment to keep pace with this fast changing technology. We can develop intuitive user interfaces to allow you to concentrate on the job not the tools using more affordable “run time” licencing where needed.

Automation It can be time consuming to fully explore all the dimensions of a problem. The same processes may need to be undertaken many times to cover all the options We can create software to run your processes in a batch, i.e. from data acquisition to report production at a single click.

Investigation GIS is often used to help understand problems which operate at such a scale and complexity that considering each combination of possible factors quickly becomes overwhelming.  We can implement statistical optimisation techniques and datamining algorithms to sift out the interesting cases and identify the key relationships.